Consequentially Limited

IT in language you understand

Who we are

Consequentially Limited is an IT consultancy established in 2012. Our aim is to assist small to medium sized businesses get the best value for money from their investment in IT. Most companies rely on their IT for underpinning their processes but frequently the systems do not mirror them. We have deep experience of aligning systems to processes and improving the impact of IT as a strategic part of your toolset.

What we do

We offer impartial advice based on your business needs. We work with you to ensure that the systems you use do what you want them to.

Many companies grow from a one man company run by an individual with a good idea and a lot of determination into significant local employers. The steps of growth can be advanced significantly if the IT platform is well designed and adapted to the processes of the company.

Every company is unique and this makes it hard to find the perfect software, if it even exists. Due to the haphazard nature of small company growth many have IT systems that are a source of frustration and annoyance. It is hard to find advice on the Internet that is not aimed at selling a solution that worked for another company. Your business is unique and your IT should be made to do what you want it to.

IT should just work. It should not impede your business and it certainly should not become a problem. IT is an enabling element to a business; it should allow automation of tedious repetitive tasks allowing staff to be more productive. The key to getting IT the way you want it is to know what information you want to retain about your business, how you want to analyse your information and what it can do for you. There is much emphasis on the technology element of IT and not enough put on the key component, information.

How we can help

We understand that your business is important to you and that you need your IT to support your endeavour. We can help you match your IT to your processes or advise on how to amend your existing systems to ensure a closer fit with your goals. We can help you plan for the future and have a cohesive strategy allowing you to plan for successful growth.

There are a great many elements to ensuring the IT platform from storage to networking, from disaster recovery to mobile computing. The choice available to business can be bewildering and frequently confusing. IT is an industry littered with acronyms and sound bite phrases that are interpreted in widely different ways. We can help guide you through the minefield in plain English and are happy to explain concepts and technologies so that you are able to make informed decisions.

Small businesses do not need a full time IT director and an IT manager is not necessarily the right person to formulate your IT strategy. We offer a virtual CTO service allowing you to get clear easily understood explanation of how to prepare for your business' next step. It is a cost effective way of managing your IT and helps you make the right decisions for your business.

If you would like more information on this service please contact us.